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When the anger gets boiling point, Opinion collapse being vapor so keep your mind Always cool please. Life is not so easy what we are thinking about it, Life is a great journey of struggle. For this straggliest prepare concrete base of good education previously. A brown dog jumps quickly over the lazy fox. Everyday should be passed as if that were our last day. Laugh! Laugh!! then the world will with you. If you weep should (will) be you alone ok. Although, Every person wants to be free but every-where he is in chain. That was so beauty, that every creature was attracted by it. Employment is not only gain of education, development of mind and improvement of behaviors is a greatest gain of the education. Death is not only a end of a body. It is an end of everything also. I am not what I am seen. It was said that love is blind but I think love is not blind but I think love is not blind but men are blind in love and they were can forget many things. If you can control and win own self, you can control and win every person. Happiness never can be permanent and sorrow is never finished. Everyday is new day so that every day a new work should be done. Success is like a magnet which attracts many friends but failure is like a orphan, it has no one. If you drop your tear, when you miss the sun in the dusk, you may loss even the star at night. We are a histry everybody and every activities are the different - different pages of it. MUSTANG Tigers should not be killed. When you see a stupid man try to supervise own self but when you meet a good person learn something from him. Humanity is the best religion so that, I would like to say "Service is deference" worship. The earth bears several disasters but is gives the beautiful flowers as the returns in spring. Man should bear whatever we get because most of the events of nature take place against in our will. I had been told, that man takes birth unwillingly and dies too unwillingly. There is a great silence behind everything of the world. Different languages are different different scenes of life. To be believable is hard than to believed to others within a second. After death a body collapse but the soul always remain alive. Life collapse into the silence after death and love as well. Every martyrs had sacrificed his body to bringing the democracy and to bring freedom system. Where ever you go I become your foot step and go on following you . TRISHULI RIVER Where there is belief , there is god. Where there is light, There is shadow. Every coin has a two parts and there is an advantage and disadvantage of everything. Relation of humanity is the greatest thing of the world. If you want to search your blood relation, you can get in blood bank but you should labour hard to get relation of humanity. Don't count your past time but always count for your work. It shows your age. Man is a strange things neither we recognize by small nor................... .Youth is full of pleasure ag is full of cards. TRISHULI RIVER The hands that help are the holier than the lips that pray. Education is only a key which open every doors of development. Prevention is better than cure. All capital is wealth but all capital is not wealth. Customer is the king of the businessman. Price is determinate by the interaction of both demand and supply. Education is wealth but wealth is not education. Eating getting nothing wearing lather cap. Life is uncertain thing. Man can be destroyed, but not defeated. Experience is mother of knowledge. Mother is god of children. To get angry is to show weakness. Love is strong as death, jealousy is create than grave. Mother is the first teacher of our life.


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Thursday, July 27, 2017 08:54


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