Annual Maintenance Contract

Top Benefits of contracting Maintenance & Support
Better service levels at lower overall cost.

Ability to reallocate budget to meet business requirements.
Higher system ROI by extending usability.
Ability to provide or supplement in-house maintenance.
Certified technicians skilled in cross-platform environments.
It is hassle and difficult to find honest and reliable repair service.
High costs of equipments and service labor.

You can repair the product you purchase many times until it is no longer repairable, then it will be replaced with the same product of its like kind and quality.

To avoid the hassle in dealing directly with manufacturers.


Get special prices on the consumables.

We provide the various forms of AMC to our new and existing clients.
We take two types of AMC:
Comprehensive Contract
Non-Comprehensive Contract


Preventive Maintenance:
Any electronics product required timely service so that your systems will function Properly. Every month our Engineer visits once apart from any problem and routine Preventive maintenance.

Standby Support:
If any of your parts are not working and it has to take to Service Center. We will be providing Standby support. So that breakdown time of your Machine is minimum.

Residence Engineer:
If you have more than fifty machine we will be providing you residence Engineer.

NOTE:- You could also for an online quote or e-mail us for customs AMCs

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