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Institute was established in the year 2059 B.S. (2003) with the motto of imparting the best and the cheapest education for the students who are bereaved from getting the formal education of computer courses and languages. It is one of the renowned, reputed and well established institutes. It is launching bits and pieces of educational programme in a single place. It is only one among the many. Welcome in this official site. Everest Computer & Language Institute (Everest Academy) has created an ethos where effective learning is the central norm- with students seeking to learn and enjoy learning. Another legacy of our approach in management is the way in which achievement is held high and aspirations encouraged in every individual, students and learners whatever their level. We will certainly not forget to reward our friends and students in success and commendable acts. The institute community is charged with energy, enthusiasm and desire to make a difference and it is with this asset that we have been able to cultivate a spectacular training center culture and people. It is with these shared initiatives, vision, ideas and capacity that we have been able to strike a difference. It is also with combined efforts and endeavors that we can achieve greater success and challenge poor performance to get the best out of it. We believe in 'relationships and expectations’ and can feel it is obvious to us that this characteristics lab is practical with consistency in all classrooms and all aspects of training center's activities. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my staff, guardians and students for their continuous support and involvement these past years and wish them all the best for coming years.


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